Is A Budget-Friendly Tablet Coming?: Realme’s First Tablet Will Come With Which Processor Revealed 200iso
A new claim has been made about which processor will be powered by Realme’s new tablet, which is expected to be introduced in the coming days. Allegedly, the tablet will come with one of MediaTek’s mid-range processors.
Realme, which has made a name for itself with its new smartphones C21Y and GT Master Edition, which has attracted attention with its price recently, is also taking steps to increase its product range. On the one hand, Realme is preparing to introduce its first tablet, and on the other hand, it is working on a laptop that will be a first.

Finally, new details have emerged about the Realme Pad, the first tablet of Realme, whose design has been revealed recently. In a post by a YouTuber on Twitter, the processor of the tablet’s power was included in the box of Realme Pad along with a photo.

A mid-range, budget-friendly tablet coming?
In the sharing, it was claimed that Realme Pad will come with the middle class processor Helio G80, which MediaTek introduced at the beginning of last year. Although we do not know how true this claim is yet, if it is true, we can say that Realme has made a big entrance to the market with its first tablet and has chosen to produce a budget-friendly mid-range tablet rather than a flagship. word-press

It is thought that the Realme Pad will be introduced on September 9, and there is no other information confirmed by Realme, except that it almost ‘one day will come’ about it. According to unofficial information, the tablet will come with an 8 MP camera, 10.4 inch AMOLED display and 7100 mAh battery. In addition, the tablet is expected to come with a stylus.
We’ve Just Moved To The 1000s: NVIDIA’s RTX 4000 Series Graphics Cards May Arrive Earlier Than Expected
One of the users who posted hardware leaks on Twitter claimed that NVIDIA’s RTX 4000 series graphics cards could be released by the end of 2022. The user added that the processor will be produced by TSMC and will have 5nm transistors.
Although there is a long-standing problem in the graphics card supply process, card manufacturers do not hesitate to improve their technologies. New rumors indicate that the next-generation graphics cards, which are thought to take the codename of NVIDIA’s Lovelace, may be released in 2022, earlier than expected.labastide-saint-pierre

The source of rumors about the processor, which will be produced by TSMC with 5nm transistor technology, is a hardware leaker named Kopite7kimi, who is active on Twitter. While replying to a comment, the user stated that if new GPUs have 5nm transistors, they will come out towards the end of 2022 and will be very expensive.

Claims that the processor will be produced by TSMC are strong Kopite7kim, who previously claimed that the RTX 4000 series graphics cards will be produced with 5nm technology, added that the production will be made by Samsung next to this claim. Kopite7kimi currently says that the processor will be manufactured by TSMC. This claim; It matches the claims of a famous person named Greymon, whose leaks he made.
Greymon theorized that Lovelace GPUs would be produced by TSMC with 5nm transistors, and that the technology could be taken one step further (N5P) to offer higher performance compared to the Ampere architecture. heavy news