Covid and Tech

Stating that they have been working on virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies since 2013, the person said that they have realized projects mostly for the defense industry so far.

He stated that they have recently put on their agenda to adapt their capabilities to different sectors and that they have produced solutions for different industries in the fields of remote working, maintenance, assembly, quality control and vocational training.bibliothequeparis

Explaining that they are working to minimize human error at the quality control point by making use of augmented reality for the defense industry and the entire industry, the person said, “We have a system that we have prepared in a way that will be a real first in the white goods industry. It is a study entirely done by Turkish engineers with hardware and software part. The white goods are checked with augmented reality from the production line to the quality control point and come out without errors. Like this, we worked on how we can do the assembly part of aircraft in the defense industry, and right now, people can receive distance training and directly apply the assembly with augmented reality in these vehicles.” said.
He stated that the companies producing in Turkey benefit from the technologies they offer in order to serve their customers abroad, and thus, needs such as assembly, maintenance and quality control are met.

Products will be developed in the virtual world abripiscines
Emphasizing that remembering and understanding is much faster when people practice what they see, the person said, “This was the reason why we did not combine vocational training with virtual reality. People need to experience, see, apply what they see. There is an incredible increase in such solutions. We will be releasing documentation on this soon. Other companies in the country and abroad also issue documents. These technologies provide 95 percent efficiency.” he said.

Pointing out that the level of awareness increased with the trainings given using virtual reality, and the duration of some of their jobs was shortened with the right guidance, the person made the following evaluations: blague-courte

“We think that the course will change in production as of 2021, if situations such as remote working, especially epidemics, continue. People will need such technologies more. Maybe it will be possible to design and develop in the virtual world between countries and then send the work to the factory remotely and produce the machines there. We are working on their infrastructure. On the other hand, we think that there will be an incredible increase in the education part. With the help of these technologies, there will be a lot of ways to minimize mistakes and accidents in the future, and I think that in 2021 and 2022, everyone will lean too much in this direction.”

Expressing that they cooperated with a training foundation on vocational education and turned it into a product, the person said that they also received requests from abroad on this subject. defisconseil

Informing that they have prepared a series of trainings on occupational accidents and safety within the scope of the new generation training platform Occupational Health and Safety Training, the person said, “We foresee that we will export technology on these issues in 2021. We started to enter various countries. This is how it can be seen what Turkey can do abroad. With Turkey, they get the opportunity to buy better products at more affordable prices. We are planning to open and produce our technologies abroad, not only in vocational trainings, but also in subjects such as remote maintenance. We receive a lot of requests, we also received requests from the USA.” justin-timberlake

Emphasizing that Turkey has an important potential and many areas where it can produce, he noted that the infrastructure that will be formed by the transition to 5G technology will offer significant opportunities.